Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanted: Saddle Pad for Endurance

I'm looking for an endurance quality saddle pad that will fit under my dressage saddle.

Color not really important, though I'd prefer either a neutral color (white, black, natural) or hunter green, teal, burgundy, or navy.

I've checked, and ebay, and will keep looking, but if anyone knows of one for sale I'd sure appreciate it if you'd let me know! Priced new, some of these things are outrageous! Thanks!


Christine said...

I LOVE my Toklat Woolback! They come in natural wool, fleece & in different colors. Go with the natural wool as fleece traps heat. They can be pricey- but I've had mine for several years now- still looks like new. Good luck in your search!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a pad for sale. But I agree LOVE the toklat woolback pads. Skito's are a good second. You may want to look those up as well, used. But see if you can find one with 100% wool bottom. They do not come that way standard, it's an upgrade you have to order. We ordered it that way for Allen's skito.

Michelle Detmer

Endurance Granny said...


I know someone who is a seasoned LD rider who uses the NEW BREED(waffle weave built up to relieve pressure on the spine) pads. She's never had a problem under saddle, and they sure make your saddle stick. They aren't all that expensive either. You just hose them off and air dry.

I had one under my english saddle and I really liked it.

I would not recommend one for longer distances because you could build heat, but for the shorter distances of 25-30 miles, I'd have no problem at all using one, and my pad is similar, though not that brand.

When or if you think to purchase one, my overall pad of choice is a Skito pad. My woolback cost $180 to fit a dressage shaped treeless saddle.

If you decide on Toklat, get the WOOL. I made the mistake of purchasing two of the Cool Back pads, and I found my saddle wanted to roll because they are so slick.

Remember that if your saddle is fitting properly, don't make the mistake of getting too thick of a pad, which can create a brand new fit problem as the thickness narrows the space at the withers and where the shoulder rotates.~E.G.

Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

Hey - I've used a toklat woolback pad (dressage shaped) for many rides and love it. Wears like IRON!. I bought mine used for $40 and it's still going strong. Another place to look besides and ebay is It's mostly in California, but the sellers will ship anywhere.

I just bought a skito (100% wool bottom). It was ~$140 on sale at trumbull' was a LOT of money, but I needed something that put less bulk under my leg since I'm upping my distance (65 miles in 2 weeks! I'm so excited) so it was my investment. Haven't used it enough to really tell how much I like it.


Nicole said...

I sure hope I can find a used one. I guess the fact that I still haven't found a used toklat OR skito means they MUST be good, or else people would be trying to get rid of them!

I checked out the New Breed, and I like the "sticky" part of that pad - and I tried to find one that was in more of a dressage shape...but I don't think the AP style would fit my saddle unfortunately. I'm a fan of the grippyness though.

If you DO just happen across a dressage style of either pad.....let me know if you would please! thanks for the input!