Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change of Plans!

I had posted up my planned riding schedule for this week. So far it's not going as planned!

I was going to go to the arena and ride again on Sunday, but I couldn't justify it!! Our house had become somewhat of a war zone (it happens quickly with a toddler and two not-so-neat adults) and I hadn't kept up with laundry and I hadn't made any plans for supper that night and we had to be in town at 6:30 for a bible study (small group, for young adults - it is AWESOME to have bible study in a group with people your own age!!).

Anyway, one of the "rules" I had set for myself was that if the house was clean enough that I wouldn't be embarrased to have unexpected guests and if I had a good idea of what we were having for supper, then I would ride. Well, I wasn't at that point, and Matt was encouraging me to ride anyway, and he would work on the house a little, but I would have felt way too guilty, so we had a fun afternoon working together in the house and playing with Cora.

So Matt goes to do chores, feeding the horses and our meat goats and the LGDs, and had mostly finished, and had gone back to give the goats mineral, when he climbed over the gate and twisted his ankle VERY BADLY. He had called me saying he thought he broke it and to come get him - so it was bad!

We went to the dr. yesterday and they x-rayed it but it wasn't broken thankfully, but unfortunately they didn't do anything really for him - gave him some exercises. Yesterday was a very busy day for me between helping Matt move around, going to the doctor, caring for Cora 100% myself since he could hardly walk (hobble around...), let alone carry her, and we also had our first goat babies of the year (yay!) but it was going to be a cold night so they had to come in the barn and having to make sure they were nursing and up and okay.

So I didn't ride Sunday. Monday was scheduled off, and while I had thoughts of trying to ride there was no way - I was wore out yesterday. I will try to ride tonight, but it won't be in the arena since the therapeutic riding program uses it Monday thru Wednesday.

Arabee has been extra welcoming (whinnying/nickering more than usual) when she sees me from the paddock - I can tell she wants to go out and work with me, which is great! Seems like with her the more I work with her, the more she wants to.

My thought right now is to ride in the pasture/woods across the road, close the gate, and do some walking and trotting and cross the little creek. If it feels right I might canter, based on her ANGELIC performance Friday night. I had such a GREAT time riding on Friday, I couldn't stop grinning about it all weekend! I am such a horse geek!

**also, yesterday I went to Jo-ann Fabrics (Presidents Day sale and good coupons!) and got enough stuff for 3 projects - Re-cover the antique rocking chair from his grandparents, a Rump Rug for Arabee, and webbing to finish up that throw-blanket-into-a-cooler-sheet I was talking about Friday. All this for less than $22!! I would have been willing to spend that much on the rocking chair alone, so I got some really great deals! I'll take pictures along the way, and if the Rump Rug and Sheet turn out, I'll post up tutorials.


Anonymous said...

You should have listened to your husband and your horse! So did unexpected company actually come over??? I used to get embearrssed but now I'm way over it. Especially in the winter, you only have so many nice days.....

Michelle Detmer

Nicole said...

Not this time - but it's happened before! It seems like we only get visitors if the house is a train wreck, too!

I am not a fan of house-cleaning and am actually a terrible housekeeper. But, I've noticed a trend - if the house is messy, my husband spends more time out of the house in the garage or outside. If it is clean enough for company, he stays in and spends more time with us.

As much as I don't like cleaning, it's worth it to me if it helps Matt to truly be able to relax and enjoy being home.

I can catch up on my horse conditioning starting tonight - have actually REALLY begun looking forward to the woods workout I have in mind for this evening!

Ellen said...

What a beautiful horse! Congrats!!!
Years ago during my studies, I was a trainee on Babolna stud, a wellknown stud of Arabians in Hungary. There they do not only ride, but also drive these wonderful versatile horses.