Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday's Ride

I rode Arabee yesterday. It was pretty obvious I had tired her out on Monday. It took her a long time to get warmed up, and she was not doing a great job of picking up her feet - she tripped over herself quite a bit.

So we took it a little easier. Still rode for a little longer than an hour, but did less trotting and more walking. Worked on crossing the ditch in more places, and trot-walk-trot transitions. She's great on the walk-trot (likes to go!) but takes close to 10 strides to come back down to a walk. I like to see more promptness. So we practiced: close seat and rein aids, say WALK, firmer rein/seat aids, then if still not walking (which was often!) a single-rein-stop.

I was surprised at how many repetitions it took before she would walk without the SRS. I know transitions take strength to do them smoothly and promptly, so I was shooting for 5 strides rather than the 10 to get a walk, but I'm hoping with practice and increased strength and conditioning she'll get more prompt. I don't like having to use this much rein to get downward transitions. She'll come around.

It was a good ride, but just not as GREAT as Monday's. She'll get tonight (Ash Wednesday) off. There's church tonight, the beginning of Lent, and our Pastor is on a 12 day mission trip in Thailand. He is planning on preaching from there on video and electronically sending the video back to us. Looking forward to seeing that! My husband has flown to Japan a couple times for business, and that's a 13+ hour flight (which he reports is AWFUL!). Thailand is close to 24 hours!!! I can't even imagine sitting still that long. I hope it's dry on Thursday, so I can ride again.

I spoke w/ Trumbull Mtn. Saddle shop yesterday, since they sell both Toklat and Skito saddle pads to see which they suggested w/ my specific saddle and slippage problems. They are sending me a demo Skito dressage pad, which should be here in time for the weekend. Can't wait! My current pad is beginning to cause rub spots where it is now bunching up. I'll get to try out the Skito, and if it works, great, if not they will order me a custom one w/ keepers shaped for the Thorowgood, but I'll get to use the demo until my pad arrives. Looking forward to trying it out :-)


Anonymous said...

I have to ask what is the breeding on your chestnut horse? I saw your picture on Trumbull's site, and had to find out.

I have an almost **exact** twin to your horse. Seriously.

Going to look more into your blog to see if there is any mention of the breeding.


chickpea1111 at gmail dot com

Nicole said...

Here's the link to the post w/ Arabee's breeding:

She's an Arabian, born 1997, in central Indiana.

What do you do with your horse? Where are you located?

Thanks for stopping by!

Endurance Granny said...


Versailles State Park 11:00 AM Saturday (not 10:00)