Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arabee's Big Day

The trailer at the horse day use area at Versailles. If you look close, Arabee is still inside. There's hitching rails and a section w/ picnic tables were no horses are allowed. There's also a hydrant but no handle, I'm assuming due to the risk of winter freeze.
Today was Arabee's second time ever to go on a REAL trail ride! It went great.

I was unsure, because it was cold, and WINDY, and we just don't do wind very well - tends to make her spooky, besides hauling to a new place. But, she settled down quickly and did me proud.

We met up with Jacke at Versailles State Park, which took me exactly 58 minutes to drive to, going verrrry slow. Not too bad of a drive, either.

I had a good time, and I think Arabee enjoyed it too - she had her ears perked forward with interest, but she was not spooking at everything, just observing. She was still paying attention to me, so I was fine w/ letting her look.

I for one was very sad when we came to the end of the trail, I wasn't ready to be finished! We did the A loop in 1 hr 23 minutes. LOTS of water crossings, lots of water and mud on the trail, some hills, plenty of down limbs to cross over. I still had horse left, and probably should've pushed her harder/faster/or further, but she had a good time and we got great experience and some further conditioning on her, so it was great!

This ride was going to be a bit of a "tester" especially in Matt's eyes. He wanted to see how quickly (or not!!) my "crazy horse" would settle down and do on a brand new trail in the wind and if she'd be safe or not. Well, she passed the test! I'm going to give her an A, and Matt would've too if he'd have been there. Here we go!! I'll put the miles on this week and next, then I hope to go to Clark State Forest to train on 3/14. Maybe go all day, do two 2hour rides that day to make the drive worthwhile.

Thanks for letting me tag along, Jacke! Had a GREAT time!!

The trail head at Versailles:


Endurance Granny said...

You can tag along was so nice to be similarly paced. You will see as you build mileage she will be able to extend her trotting session and work aerobically (bet I butchered the spelling on that word). Next time we need a camera on board for pictures. ~E.G.

Nicole said...

Hooray, thanks!

I don't know why I didn't put the camera in my pocket along w/ the phone. I had it there taking pictures of the day use area (as you can see!) and really wished I'd taken some photos of you and Phebes, you two really look great together!

Endurance Granny said...


My plan is to do Henryville the next two weekends. I'm going to write David and see if he can give me some information. I'll email you the particulars, and yes! I want to ride with you. There is a fifteen mile loop and a ten mile loop they use for the Chicken Chase. My plan is to ride the fifteen mile loop on one weekend, and the ten mile loop the next. The end of March I want to ride both loops spending the entire day. April I'll be back at Versailles and do no other traveling so I'll have entry fees and gas for the Chicken Chase. I really fairly certain Arabee can handle a slow to moderate 15 at this time. Especially if we take a little lunch break in the middle. Need to take a snack for the horses along on the trail, some tender hay, and a little feed. Chris Eickleberry will be riding too most likely. She likes to trot! But her gelding has a trotting pace very like Arabee so that should not present any problems. Just keep in touch. ~E.G.

Anonymous said...

I figured your horse would do better away from home. That's always been my experience anyway. It doesn't seem like it should work that way but it does. They don't know where home is and have to depend on you more.

I'm glad you guys had a good ride. Allen and I did some road riding. The horses were absolutely flying most of the time. It was not easy to keep them to a walk when we did walk. Went down a new road that we hadn't rode on before and came in behind the cemetary Allen's grandfather is buried at. He just died this summer. So we got off the horses and lead them thru it. It was a really pretty road. Flat and curvy. On one side woods and on the other back water from the Ohio. Most of it was a blur though because the horses were cantering/galloping.

I used the renegades on Stormy and she did well with them, even at the gallop! I was so impressed with how easily they went on and off. Jazz just went completely barefoot. I didn't have time to mess with putting her boots on and I was thinking it might slow her down. But no.

I am going out to Clark state forest the 7th with Laura. We are supposed to ride with Lois and maybe Dixie Hunter and whoever else Lois has go along with us. I'll let you know for sure and where we are meeting. Knowing the group it will probably be somewhat of a fast ride and long. I'd like to go 20 miles at least.

Michelle Detmer

Carol said...

One good ride always leaves you yearning for more (and at the same time feeling so proud of your pony)!!!!

I had a really awesome trail ride with my boy this last fall and I can't wait until summer to go again!!!

They Sky's the limit when you have a great ride. I'm sure in no time you will be doing that first endurance ride!