Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Saddle, and other stuff

So this is bound to be a long one......sorry. It's just that so many things have happened this weekend that I want to be thorough!

1) My new saddle came! After MUCH deliberation and research and prayer, we decided to purchase a used Thorowgood Broadback saddle. I happened to find one in the seat size I need. It is a dressage saddle.

It was EXHILARATING to drive home on Friday and find the big cardboard box on the porch. I couldn't get in the house fast enough, and if I cared, I would've been pretty embarrassed for doing the happy dance in front of my husband and daughter!! :-)

I tried it out, and Arabee seems to love it. I really am happy with the way it positions me as well. So far, so good! It is a lot easier to position the saddle properly, and it seems like the breastcollar is in a better position. I haven't ridden in it with the crupper - I will see how it goes without.

2) I've ridden in the Renegade's two different times now. Friday was great, today not so much.... I must not have gotten them on just right, they were bothering Arabee today. I need to go back and re-read the fitting portion of their site. At first I was VERY worried that the saddle was bothering her, as she kept lowering and stretching her neck out and down, and occassionally tossing her head at a trot. She also wasn't walking out very well. Friday I didn't have these problems at all.

I feel I can safely eliminate the problem beign in the saddle though (huge sigh of relief!!), because after the ride I took the saddle off and lunged her a little to see what I could find, and she was doing the same weird head/neck thing and not wanting to move forward very well. So, to check out the Renegade site again, here I go...

3) I just want to say - if you find yourself working with a hoof knife....PLEASE wear LEATHER gloves! Even if you are very careful, it is amazing how fast that blade can slice through a canvas glove and right into the side of your thumb and even into your thumbnail a bit. Now, while a hoof knife is sharp enough to cut through even leather ( is designed for trimming hooves and frogs....) my husband and I decided a pair of leather gloves would have slowed the knife down significantly more than the pair I was wearing..... I'll need to double check on when was the last tetanus shot I had. What a drag! Why is it that little stuff like this hurts so much!?

4) On a good, "spring is coming" note - Arabee is starting to lose some of her winter coat! Hooray for spring and warmer weather ahead!


Anonymous said...

If you rode her very much friday. She may have just been a little sore from that. Did you have the Renegades on her when you lunged her? I've never really seen a horse be bothered by the boots. They usually just come flying off if they aren't on right. But who knows.

Michelle Detmer

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh I am so excited for you! A new saddle! It's like Christmas all over!

Christine said...

YeaAAAA! Great to be reading some on your blog today! A new saddle- how exciting. Thorogood- would be a close second if I didn't already have something simular- my Wintec. I am sure you will like it!
I'm glad you're able to get out and ride! And you have warmer weather- It's been down- right HOT here! (just kidding- don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth!!)
Sorry to hear about your hand- take care of yourself!
Just good to hear from you- period!!

Endurance Granny said...


I'd love to see pictures of the new saddle on Arabee. Where'd you track it down?

How much trotting did you have her do? Was she "off" or just doing the lowering the head thing?

Check the area below, above, and around her pasterns, and any place that a boot might rub. A rub can get nasty real quick. Also check the girth area.

As far as your saddle when you pulled it off did you have an even sweat pattern? Any dry spots under there at all? You can take the flat of your hand and palpate down both sides of the withers and spine, and watch for any reaction such as dipping her back when you apply pressure.

I'm going to try and remember to get photos of Phebes hooves for you tomorrow. Doug trimmed her today, well--micro trimmed, as all she needs is rasping and touching up her mustang roll. She's maintaining her hooves pretty well all by herself. Would love to see the boots on Arabee's hooves.

Don't get discouraged, it is a big learning curve, this endurance thing. ~E.G.