Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Horse Sewing Projects

After my daughter was born I started learning how to sew. I had had the sewing machine for a year, it was a Christmas present that had pretty well sat around until I finally got up the nerve to try sewing something. I've made several little outfits for my daughter, and a couple of things for myself - I'm getting quite handy at this thing! I'd like to try some d.i.y. projects in the equine department, it should save me some cost, and be a fun project to try.

http://www.suitability.com/ has equestrian patterns for sale. I'd like to try several of their patterns.

Here is the Fleece Vest, Riding Tights, and Riding Sweatpants #2900: I have been riding in stretch jeans and chaps, but come warmer weather and actual competition I'll want a pair of riding tights, maybe with a padded seat? maybe with full seat gripping material - I sure do love the chaps for that reason....the more stick the better I think!

this is the Horse blanket, sheet, and cooler #7900:
Arabee has a very nice, thick, waterproof winter weight blanket, and a loose-weave cotton knit "sheet" but I think that a cooler that covers her whole body in a fleece material would be good, and maybe a middle weight blanket/sheet.

And, I have seen crew bags that look like they'd be helpful during rides, but I don't want to spend the money to buy one. I am thinking I could get either of these patterns and format a crew bag that would be very handy for anyone helping crew for me at rides to hold hay, feed, electrolytes, halter....whatever I need to have on hand.

Does anyone have any experience with Suitability patterns?

I may try the cooler without a pattern, it's straightforward-looking enough, but the rest I'll definitely need a pattern for. Should make for some fun projects on days with weather too nasty to ride in (and sadly.....it looks like there will be plenty more of that yet this year.....out the window is a white-out snow storm, I can't even see the trees across the road!)

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