Monday, February 1, 2010

Got to Ride Last Night

So I got to ride last night, and it was GREAT!

I mean, it was really cold, but the skinny little balaclava I bought to go under the helmet worked great on my neck and ears, and the amazing winter riding pants I got for Christmas (but were too small and had to exchange so really...Christmas in January!) were soo comfy and warm and easy to mount and ride in, too. And amazingly, I stayed warm even just walking.

We just rode around the barn lot - I didn't have too much daylight left. I probably rode about 15 minutes, but not too sure since I didn't have my phone or watch with me. Arabee did very well with just leg pressure turning. I was focusing on asking her to lower her head each time I jiggled the rein (a lower head can mean a calmer horse, and it's hard for a horse to really do anything fast with their head low) I want her to get to the point where she lowers her head anytime I touch the reins, even if she's focused on something scary.

Even though I had significant drape in the reins, and often was holding my hands down on the pommel (to force myself not to direct rein!) I'd look and cue with leg and she'd follow the imaginary path I requested very nicely (mostly.).

We did a little trotting. It was fun. I hope this week lets me get outside more than I did last week.

Friday and Saturday my family was out of town for a conference and stayed in a hotel - and did a lot of EATING not-home-cooked meals. I made a point though of going to the hotel's fitness center, and I walked/power walked/jogged for 40 minutes Saturday, and walked and jogged a little over 20 minutes on Sunday morning. It was great to get that exercise, and surely it will help me towards being fit enough to ride better. Can't hurt, anyway.

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