Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not just sitting around, exactly

So I realized the last post I did was last week. But I've been working with Arabee still, just not blogging it, which is too bad since now I'm not sure I remember exactly what we did!

On Saturday the 16th since we'd been down the the arena the night before, I just went out and picked hooves, and then soaked her hind feet in the easy soakers and borax water. I trimmed her frogs (pretty shaggy looking with the time off and then starting back up with road walking) and started scratches treatment. She had them pretty badly on her hind legs especially, just a few spots on her front legs. I sprayed with a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil and 1 cup water until I got each spot good and soaked. I ended up with about 1/3 cup leftover in the spray bottle. (I also cleaned up the sole of her left hind foot with the hoof knife - see below)


Tuesday the 20th the AERC paperwork came in the mail. I've read through both December and January's Endurance News, and called the office to let them know Arabee's name was spelled wrong (short one 'e'). They're sending me a new horse letter.


Matt was really busy last week at work, had to work late so neither one of us got outside while it was still daylight after Tuesday.

Saturday afternoon Arabee and I took another walk/jog North on the road. This time I pushed harder, jogging 15 steps by each pole. Not surprisingly, Arabee had already caught onto the pattern, and would offer to trot by herself right near the pole, so I started to switch it up a bit. That mare is so smart!

Apparently back last summer when I noticed she was LAME on the right front, left rear, she had abscessed on both feet. The lameness on the left rear was not noticable at the time we took her to the vet so I was surprised a week or so ago when there was a hole just like the abscessed right front had. I'm surprised she didn't appear lame in that foot longer than she did - the "hole" went all the way around her foot from heel to heel and was 1/4-1/2" wide all the way just inside the white line. It was just barely starting to show gaps from wearing on the road, and the whole channel it created was starting to pack rocks and mud and manure, so I trimmed away the flap so it would stay open and not trap all that stuff on Saturday the 16th.

okay - so I know this is really disjointed..but I'm just typing as I remember how it happened!

Sunday we thought we had plans for the afternoon, but that changed so I was able to treat Arabee's scratches again. I'd hoped to get to ride down at the arena, but it was off and on sprinkling/pouring, and I was not interested in walking down there in that weather! I'll wait 'til I can RIDE some actual trails to push training in the rain!

Anyway, I used a bit of a different approach that I read about for scratches treatment, and I'm waiting until I see it's effectiveness to post about it. I'm pretty excited about it though. Same for the new riding halter I bought. It came Saturday the 16th and while I love the way she responds in-hand while wearing it, I haven't had a good opportunity to RIDE in it yet...so I'm waiting to post pictures and where I purchased it. I am fairly certain I will really like it, though. It's very pretty, anyway!

This week is looking like I will very rarely get any opportunity to get out and ride. Not tonight...nor Wednesday or Thursday. Realistically, not again until Sunday afternoon!! Maybe February will be mild, so I can get some good training in then?

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Endurance Granny said...


I hear you on the weather! So over it.

On the topic of scratches...we just cleared up Phebes after FOUR MONTHS of struggle. Finally found something that worked which was Furacin, DMSO, + Steroid cream. Slathered on thick, twice a day. If you can't do it twice a day, then slathered on thick and wrapped with glad wrap or similar cellophane, bandaged over and changed every couple of days. The process required wearing latex gloves for the application. Once I figured out the right stuff, it took about six weeks to clear. Chris used this on Toby and she had him cleared up within a week or so. I finally also put Phebes on an oral anti-fungal to just clear whatever out of her system as well, and so far (holding my breath) so good. Now they are back standing in sloggy conditions. So that is a worry.

Soon as it warms up, come ride with me at Versailles?

Take care.