Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Ride Today

I rode for 28 minutes today on Arabee, just around the barn. It'd snowed overnight, probably about 6 inches (give or take).

Walked mostly. She was feeling frisky with the snow and wind, it was 27 degrees actual...don't want to know wind chill!

Very happy with the way she responded to the Little Joe riding halter. The wind had Arabee feeling frisky, but she responded very well to my rein aids, when needed, and yes, they were needed. The little trotting we did to was fun and animated, she had to pick up her feet a lot because of the snow.
Matt got some pictures through the dining room window - you can see the screen in there.
I tried the browband, crown/cheekpiece and s-hack on Arabee, but the way I had it set up it was right in her eye. So I took it back to the house later and adjusted it, but I ran out of daylight to try it on her again. Maybe tomorrow.


Caitlin said...

I look forward to seeing how her new bridle fits her... and I definitely understand the running out of daylight problem. Seems to be a problem for me too...

Endurance Granny said...

I absolutely LOVE that color on her! Blue is definitely Arabee's thing :) Hope you like your S-Hack as much as I love mine. The only dislike I have at all for mine is the curb chain, I'd have rather had a strap. Since I have to engage mine so often I keep it wrapped in vet wrap which looks gnarly but keeps her from getting sores from the chain. Arabee is so light I doubt you will have an issue with that.

Phebes new color is SILVER. Shiny silver!!!