Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's Ride

Well I got to ride this afternoon. Had my route planned out: South, down Foster's lane all the way, then back down across the polly bridge, then down the short little lane, back all the way to the red barn, then down Harlan's lane, following the filter strip along the river, and then back through the bean field back to the lane, then home.

Started off flighty and jiggy, then about halfway through she just really settled down and the last half of the ride was very enjoyable, for both of us, I think.

I worked on practicing two-point positioning at the trot and walk. Not bad...I thought it'd be
terrible, but really quite smooth, better than posting if I can get my muscles and balance used to it.

Had one GIANT spook that I didn't expect, that very nearly got me unseated, over a log that had been washed in during a flood. Another time we were walking along by the filter strip and suddenly she just leaped up into the air.....I guess the strip of bark that was on the ground startled her (after she was halfway across it!).

Had a really deep (probably 8 inches deep) section of mud across the bean field...and we shouldn't have been in that field with it that muddy....will make it hard to plant no-till! But it was too late to go back, we were already committed.

The calves in the barn lot were watching us with interest. Arabee watched them as well - it's a sight to see 30 calves milling about all watching one horse and rider pair! I was concerned that we may have difficulty with the dog, but he just casually watched us from a nice distance.

All in all we rode for 70 minutes, and later we checked mileage with the 4wheeler, and we'd gone 4.6 miles.

Good ride!

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