Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Bridle Pics I adjusted the cheekpieces on the halter shorter, and I think they look too short, but I think that's because I attached the browband under the halter knot, instead of over top, which is pulling it tighter. How does the rest of the adjustments look? Too high, too low, too tight? I have since fixed the curb chain - so it will be even on each side - the hook was squeezed shut when it came, and I opened it up so I could make it even.


Caitlin said...

Aww, I think I like her colors (the ones I've seen from both the bridle/halter and her rump rug. The bridle still seems like its somehow angled higher on her cheek than I'm used to seeing but maybe it's supposed to? Never used a bridle like this one... although I'm very curious about it. =D

Endurance Granny said...

Actually I think your nose piece could come up just a little. You don't want it to slide too low can damage the cartilage, create nerve issues there. I'd try bringing it up just a little bit.

Hoping some more S-Hack people will stop in and voice an opinion. Don't make a change just on mine.

I think Karen Chaton uses an S-Hack, she'd be a great resource for where to adjust or not to adjust. ~E.G.

Nicole said...

Thanks about the colors, I've been enjoying them: I'm only going to buy things in any shade of green, blue, yellow, or black. That gives me some flexibility if something is on sale, but I still have a color scheme (because looking pretty lets you ride faster in the woods????? haha)

Caitlin - not exactly sure what you mean on that. I do wish the browband was a little longer, so I could get the cheekpiece further away from her eye, but I think its good.

E.G. - I agree with you on making the noseband come up higher. I almost moved it up a hole last night before I quit taking pictures, but it was getting dark and I wanted to get back inside to watch the kickoff of the SuperBowl! I've got the whole bridle inside, so I can adjust it up, then try it on her maybe tonight. That's why I"m glad I did take the pictures - so i can look at how it fits that way, rather than just in person. Somehow it's easier to see problems that way.