Monday, February 1, 2010

February Goal Review

So I think I'm going to try to do a monthly 'goal review' on or around the first day of each month. First I'll go over how I did on the previous month's goals, and then talk about what I plan to accomplish for the next month.

Back in October, I posted what I'd hoped for 2010 and a rough outline for what each month might bring.

First of all, things got pushed back a good bit, since our son waited until November 10th for his birthday, rather than coming in October like his due date was. (He was well worth the wait...but still!)

So while I did a little bit of horse work in December, it was not to the extent I had hoped. I rode a little, walked on the road a little (bit by bit increasing distance). I didn't at all do anything about any kind of trail network to ride around home, other than the road handwalking. Any riding I do from home will end up with at least a little bit of road riding, and that surely has helped.

In January we did more of the same of what we did in December, but added one arena session to it. I'd hoped to have found time to do more than just the one that we did, but it turned out that things got busier than expected. I still have some riding basics that I want to run a refresher course on - steering, rating on a loose rein - and I intend to do that in the arena. I've done a good job of improving rider fitness. I wanted to do that gradually but consistently, and I feel the handwalking and jogging has worked to accomplish a marked improvement.

So we've done okay on the December and January goals, especially considering my actual horse work in December didn't even really get started until the later part of the month.

Now, for February.

>Commit to riding 2-3 times/week.
>Ride in the arena at least 4 times this month, working on fine-tuning loose rein riding
>Gradually increase comfort level with vehicles to the point where I can ride to and from Arena, rather than handwalking both ways.
>Begin short training rides from home (mounting up in the barn lot, and venturing out, going a little farther each time).
>Build up to being able to ride for at least 1 hour walk trot canter.


Crystal said...

That sounds like a excellent idea, its so much easier diciding for a short amount of time, than a whole year, as so much can change in a year.

Endurance Granny said...


If February has decent weather I'd like to hit the park at least once a week. You are welcome to join me, most likely on a Saturday so not to interfere with your church & family plans. If Arabee can get comfortable on one of the loops we can do that. I can always go out and repeat the loop on my own if you can't do it twice. If we ride the pace we did last year, just the intermittent walk & trot, we should be able to get it done in about 1:15-1:30 at the worst. You probably won't need boots for Versailles. Our biggest obstacle will be the mud. If you feel you can set some tentative dates just let me know the when or the where.

You might want to look at your overall goals and pick a ride to shoot for so that Arabee peaks her 12 weeks of training about one week before the ride date. I think you could get her in form by Top of the Rock, and you could always use Chicken Chase as a training ride by doing half of it. Lot of people do that the first few rides to get the horse used to things without the pressure of actually competing. I'm so excited that you are getting ready to gear up again! ~E.G.

Nicole said...

Crystal, yes - so much in a year! I sometimes find that my goals for just one WEEK change so much I wonder why I even bother! Haha, but it's nice to set goals, helps keep me motivated.

E.G., I'd love to ride with you. If I never even get to ride in AERC competition, I'd still really enjoy getting to ride with other Real endurance riders on their training rides! I had a blast doing just that last year.

I'm still not ruling out Chicken Chase, but things would have to go absolutely perfectly for it to be a real possiblity.

The biggest limitation right now is rider fitness. I still haven't ridden longer than 15 minutes! I plan to remedy that tonight - riding for 20 minutes, and increasing ride times by 5 minutes each time I ride. Which should nicely coincide with longer daylight hours available and horse fitness.

I would be surprised if I hauled out to ride in February. This mamma is awfully attached to her son - he's not had a bottle yet, and I don't plan on missing any feedings until he's at least 3 months old, which would be the 10th of February. Versailles is 1 hour one way, so not out of the question...but still quite a ways away...we'll see! I really really want to start hitting the trails, though.