Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saddle Up! - A Follow Up

Since I posted last about needing to purchase a new, better fitting saddle I have done much research, had many very helpful comments (thank you!) and Kitt Hazelton has posted her write-up of Arabee and her recommendations for the best saddle for her. Be sure to read it!

I haven't ridden at all since a week ago Wednesday, in part due to the weather, in part due to sudden onset stomach flu throughout my family, in part due to saddle fit, in part due to needing hoof boots!

Hoof boots from Renegade are on order - I decided to buy the Jade (with Arizona Copper a second choice if the Jade isn't in stock) for Arabee's front hooves, Michelle has offered to let me try her easyboots for her hinds.

I'm doing a lot of searching and learning about different saddles and how they fit/don't fit.

Here are my "leanings" . . . but they're still very broad yet!

  • used Bob Marshall Sports Saddle - this seems to be a very very popular treeless saddle, with ALOT of great reviews and success stories. I know someone who will allow me to test ride a Bob Marshall, which is a definite plus. There are some used ones available at reasonable (ish) prices, but there are cheaper saddles out there.
  • used Abetta Arabian endurance - if I can find one! I also know someone who'd let me try an Abetta Arabian on Arabee to see if their tree fits her, to see if this is even an option. If I go this route I'll likely change the rigging and the stirrups as in this link:
  • preferably used, possibly new Thorowgood Broadback saddle, either AP or Dressage. This is a synthetic saddle distributed in the US by Dover Saddlery, but if you research this saddle, "pretend" you're from europe or canada - the foreign site is more informational.

So, it looks like the key here is to get the snow to melt! I can't even begin to think of hauling out with the roads the way they are right now. In the meantime I'll be looking up any used saddles in the models listed above nationwide!

Thanks to everyone for all their input! The search continues . . .


Lei said...

Oh, I know the link you were trying to link to with the stirrups for the Abetta saddle (along with the rigging). It's a picture of my old saddle. Cool.

Nicole said...

Hi Lei! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you don't mind me linking your saddle! I found it on a forum but couldn't remember where it came from to give the proper credit, but I liked the idea so much I decided whoever it was hopefully wouldn't mind!

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Lei said...

No problem.

Of course, I haven't got that saddle anymore since my Haflinger does better treeless, and the black mare was a lease.

But it's always good to share ideas and what works. That's what riding's all about.