Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Horse, Happy Rider......

But, a horse with sore feet is most definitely NOT a happy horse, and so we had a VERY SHORT ride yesterday.

I just couldn't find anywhere comfortable for her to go. She was ok on the grass, but even that was frozen solid still and very uneven, so I called it quits pretty fast. We wandered a bit in the woods across the road, which was okay for her, but I don't think anything faster than a walk would have been good.

Being forced to keep "conditioning rides" to a walk isn't going to get her very fit very fast!

So begins my search for a good hoof boot that will arrive QUICKLY!

Being as my husband farms, I pretty much will have to plan on riding in rides that are not held during planting season, hay time, or harvest season. So that means rides before April, maaaaybe July, August, September (early), or after the harvest is finished, which is totally variable year to year. It just depends on the weather. I may find that we have perfect weather, it only takes 2 weeks to finish all the planting, and we're done! Or like 2008, We ended up planting some fields THREE TIMES before the fields in the river bottoms stopped flooding and drowning out the little takes three times as long to finish that way. So the faster I get boots on my horse and she is able to start moving out, the better. I am aiming to have my first LD completed in April. If I can find a CTR in March, I might try to go to it.

Anyway, I have been looking into the hoof boots. I really like the idea of the Easyboot Glove. BUT I can't consider it right now, because I have to have boots here ready to use ASAP. So then there's the Easyboot Edge, Bare, and Epic, and I'm interested in Renegades. I fully plan on keeping Arabee barefoot, except for the hoof boots. I was going to start with just a pair of front boots (but maybe that isn't for the best? should she need all 4 booted?)

Anyone have any suggestions for what to try? Best deals?


Anonymous said...

Start with front boots. I have Epics and Bares. But I am thinking seriously about getting the renegades. That's probably what I would suggest. But then again they take a while to get too. (high demand). So why don't you start out with Epics or the Edges (if they are available now) just 2 for the front feet. Make sure you measure them carefully. (the Bares can be harder to get on for the first time boot user). What would be great is if her front feet and back feet were the same size. That way you could order the Renegades and the Edges at the same time. Use the Edges on her front feet then when the Renegades come use them for her front feet and the Edges for her back. But the front feet are usually a little bigger than the back. If your planning on booting all four most of the time (which it sounds like you will need to do, and it's what I do for competitions) you could order the Easy boots for the fronts, the Renegades for the backs. Then use them for a while. If you have better luck with the Renegades order those for the front as well so you will have a full set.

Just my 2 cents. But you definately need to get something for her fronts (at the very least) for now from the way it sounds.

Michelle Detmer

Nicole said...

...I just *might* be leaning towards the renegade hoof boots in Arizona Copper...or maybe Jade...

Check out their site:

I like the Easyboot Glove, or the Edge - both are on backorder. The easyboot bare really looks like it will be HARD to put (i mean force!) on.

But then, I have ZERO experience using hoof boots. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

If you want to get a pair of boots faster I just emailed you privately.

Michelle Detmer

Anonymous said...

Also, I use a hammer to put on the Bares. Just gently tap the toe and they go on. They really aren't as hard as they look. If you come out to our farm saturday I can show you how to put them on.