Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hoof Boots

I have measured and remeasured Arabee's hooves.

Right Front: 116L x 116W
Left Front: 119.5L x 116W

Right Hind: 118L x 111W
Left Hind: 117L x 112W

That puts her in a size 0 all around on the Renegades, and Easyboot Epic and Bares. So no matter what I get it looks like it will be 0's.

I really am leaning towards the Renegade for the front feet. From the descriptions on the the webpages, the Renegade sounds like a better boot in many ways - but then I don't have real life experience to really be able to say that at all. Between the Epics and Bares, I like the closure design of the Bares better, because the Epics look like they could catch on something and come off a bit easier. I understand that the Bares are known to be harder to "catch on to" for first time boot users, but I am pretty sure with enough motivation I could learn any kind eventually. I want the best boot, not necessarily the "easiest."

If I go with a pair of new Renegades for Arabee's front feet, I will have to choose a color. I could just go with black, but Arabee has primarily "white" hooves, so black boots wouldn't really blend in anyway, so I'm leaning towards either "Arizona Copper" "Jade" or "ChocoLatte." I hope Renegade doesn't mind if I post a sample of each boot color on here - it is for color comparison to some of the posted photos of Arabee on here. If I get the Copper or Latte color, my hope is that they would match Arabee's beauty-ous chestnut coloring. If it doesn't match, I'll probably go with Jade, since they don't have any blue. (blue is my favorite color).

Arizona Copper is first:

Jade is second:

Last but not least, Choco Latte:

Any votes on which color to choose???

Arabee's had the weekend off, since we were out of town for the weekend and got back around noon today. It snowed a bit. I trimmed Jack's feet after lunch - it's hard to do his feet because he's so stiff in his joints and he gets tired of standing in one spot, so I try to rotate feet pretty often (Jack is 29). He was decent about it though, good ole Jack! It was frustrating because each time I put his foot down, I had to brush all the snow off again before I could trim that foot again, but all in all it wasn't so bad at all. (can i say "all" more times in one sentence? ha..)


Anonymous said...

I wish they had blue also. The brighter the color the easier to see if they do come off. That's my only suggestion. I think the green would look good on her. If I ever get some I will probably get those bright red ones. But I have a grey horse.

Michelle Detmer

Anonymous said...

I agree- I like the Jade. Good luck! Keep us posted!


Anonymous said...


I'm voting green too, for the same reason as Michelle, easier to find on the trail (unless you lose them in the grass!). After that I like the Latte' color. Your horse would look really pretty decked out in green. My tack is primarily black, that way I can add just a little bit of color such as the bridle and keep cost down that way.

OurCrazyFarm said...

I like the green, too! Flashy! Do you have coordinating tack colors? Other green stuff? It's so wonderful to read all your horse adventures, as we are still waiting for it to stay above 0 degrees up here in Wisconsin to even hope to ride! Terri