Saturday, January 10, 2009

~Arabee in Motion~

Today I rode Arabee again. Matt and Cora came along, with Cora in the Ergo baby carrier on Matt's back. She loves riding in that thing. I asked Matt if he would take some pictures, and he surprised me by ALSO taking some video! It's not the greatest quality, kinda choppy since it's video from the camera, but it works. (actually, it may not work...never tried posting a video clip before!)

We started walking, me riding, the rest of the family on foot, and headed across the road. We had just moved some goats though at the fenceline that runs by the road, and Brody the Great White Pyrenees (big livestock guardian dog, he lives with the goats to protect them from coyotes, etc.) was having fun running about. Until this morning, Arabee had LIVED with Brody, but yet she was all "up" Ears up, neck up, head up, tail up...the whole deal. So, I got off and walked her up behind the corn crib, and I was glad I did, she was pretty stiff. I just haven't mastered being able to calm myself when my horse is tense. Must work on this!

Got back on, walked her around, finally got her to relax (after Matt took this picture! she's still pretty tense then)

When we got back to familiar territory, we trotted a bit. No breaking into a canter and bucking this time, either! Arabee seemed to really enjoy finally getting the freedom to trot, but she didn't abuse it and get faster than I asked her to.

Looking forward to many more fun times and good rides!

Also, thanks to Tamara and Jacke for the tips on tacking up faster! It seemed to help, although I didn't time myself this time.


Michelle Detmer said...

That's great! You guys look good! Keep up the good work. Do you know Arabee's pedigree? She looks like a mare I used to own, but she was taller I think. Just courious what her breeding is.

Michelle Detmer

Nicole said...

Arabee is right at 15 hands.

I thought I was going to just open up the desk drawer and look up her registration papers, but I guess they're still at my parent's place! Next time I'm up there I'll have to get them.

She was bred by Ron and Reatha Molen, in central Indiana. The first horse they ever had was a Half-Arab named Arabee. My mare was the last horse they bred, so they named her RM Arabee, to remember their first horse.

That's going to bother me, I should have a good idea of what my mare's breeding is!

Do you need copies of registration to enter LD rides? Or, what documents do you really need to enter an endurance ride?