Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AERC convention

So I am thinking of maybe crashing the AERC Conference:

Louisville is only about an hour from my house.

I'm not an AERC member (yet.....although I have to be cost conscious and if I'm only planning on a few rides I may opt just for the per ride fee for non-members), so I probably shouldn't even consider going to the conference. Maybe I shouldn't free-load off of everyone else and just show up.....

BUT all I want to go for is the SHOPPING! :-)

The reins I am using now are not right....I have a pair of split reins, and they feel great in my hands, but I don't think they're safe. They're so long that they dangle around Arabee's knees, they're leather, and the grip probably won't be great if they get wet (which they will eventually).

I also believe a new helmet that fits better would be a great idea. The one I have is well over 7 years old....surely they've come up with better styles/materials since then!

I also have a return item for Distance Depot www.distancedepot.com and they say on their site that they'll be there - I had requested an english to western girth converter for Christmas before I really knew what I wanted. I've decided the dressage girth I'm using now is working just fine, so I am hoping to return that for store credit to get either reins or a helmet.

I may also try to purchase some hoof boots for Arabee - by then I should have a good idea of what her ultimate hoof shape and size will be.

The thing is that I hate having to mail order everything. It is so nice to be able to touch the stuff you're thinking of buying so you'll know how it feels, you know it fits, and I always feel much more confident buying something that way.

Is it a bad idea to head to the Galt House (where the conference is held) and just wander around the Trade Show, even if I'm not a member of AERC? I sure hope not....because I really want to go!

Anyone have any suggestions for rein and helmet styles that they use and LOVE??


Nicole said...


See this link: http://enduranceridestuff.com/blog/2009/01/american-endurance-ride-conference-annual-convention-held-february-20-21-2009-louisville-ky/#comment-1101

I guess it's okay if I go to the trade show, since it's open the the local riders anyway!

Anonymous said...


I always rode with split reins until last February. I was riding and Phebes dipped her head to buck, and I dropped the rein. As I was trying to retrieve the dropped rein, she dropped her shoulder and I somersaulted onto my head. Since then I started knotting those reins, and finally just switched over the a braided sport rein. Currently I'm unhappy with mine because they are just about a foot longer than I like them too be (so I'm knotting again). I've found getting the rein "just right" is a sticky point with me. If they are in my sweet spot the rein is almost too short when the horse drops her head to drink. If they are long enough for the horse to eat or drink, I feel like I've go too much rein to manage when I'm riding along the trail. Aren't I just a pain in the pahtootie?

All of me is "wanting" to go to that trade show, but I know I will be sorely tempted to buy items that I don't need, just because they are so darned pretty! Especially the colored biothane bridles. Phebes has a black one and a royal blue one, so I guess I should stop.

Have you checked out the Tractor Supply stores for a helmet? They have some really nice helmets for a reasonable price, and some of them are stylish. I just go for cheap functional, but maybe someday I will get a helmet with some style to it *LOL*.

Good luck on finding your hoof boots! I'm still on the fence as to how I'm going to boot Phebes. She sizes correctly for pre-2005 boots, and I've sourced four of those but want to wait until I can try the fit kit on her for the new Easyboot Gloves. If I can make those work, I'm going with those. If not, I guess I'll try to buy the pre-'05 plain easyboots and foam those babies on :)

Nicole said...

Yeah...definitely wanting something different than the split reins.

I'm sure you've seen these before, but here is a link to some reins that sound like they have some promise for your situation:


The "popper" is advertised as a place to hold onto when your horse's head is lowered for drinking, but I'm thinking anything named "popper" will have another handy use on occasion!

If you change your mind on the trade show, we could meet up and maybe split the parking cost. Also, I am very good at self-control when it comes to spending (usually....!) and if you give me a list you HAVE to stick to, I can do my best to help you stick to it! (only if you help me stick to mine!!) helmet, reins, hoof boots (and anything else that is on Trade Show Special pricing! ;-)

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

Hi Nicole,
I asked Troy at the AERC if one could just go shopping, and she said this:

"Sure, there is no admission charge for the trade show. There will also be mini-seminars by the Education Committee during trade show hours.

Other free stuff: the Regional Awards ceremony, the Hot Topics workshops (but one would have to wake up early), and the Welcome Party on Thursday night."

ooooooh I want to go shopping!!

Endurance Granny said...


Keep me reminded, and I may just take you up on it if you can "city drive" so we get there alive. Never, I repeat NEVER ride with me in Lousiville, KY!

My list is pretty short. I do actually need a new sponge and sponge leash in royal blue. That is the complete list! ~E.G.

Nicole said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures! I checked out your site - wow!

thanks for checking about the Conference/trade show!

Yeah, I know - I always enjoyed shopping anyway, but, I am picturing this as being an equestrian MALL! :-) How often do you get a chance to window shop all things horse!