Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 19

Got outside again with Arabee yesterday. Haltered her and just started walking North from our driveway. At every telephone/electric pole we jogged for 10 strides. Then we walked again until the next pole, and jogged 10 strides. Next time I'll go for 15 jogging strides between poles.

We met a lot of vehicle traffic on the way out, just one vehicle on the way back in.

Stopped at the mailbox and remembered it was a holiday - too bad because I am waiting to get my AERC membership stuff back. I had received 2010 membership as a gift, and since I didn't call in until January, they told me they'd send December and January Endurance News too. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Go Nicole!

I admire your determination to start training so soon after giving birth!
I'm getting ready to do a 30 ctr in the withalacochee forest-west coast of Florida.Because of the "hard" freeze many of the fish in our canals died.Besides the smell, (yuck!) every buzzard in Florida is visiting to get on the "fish fry".It's like something out of a B grade horror movie as the buzzards love swooping down in front of your trotting horse to get the last fish heads. I can't wait to ride this thirty because the footing is great-not alot of deep sand.I guess enduring buzzards is the price I have to pay!

Keep training!

Nicole said...

Alicia - You really ought to start a blog! I'd love to read about your adventures riding, especially since you are actually able to do rides now! I've never been to South Florida. Used to go to St. George Island w/ my parents through high school during spring break, and once we went to WDW/Sea World when I was little.

So anyway, I'm envisioning trotting along a nice, flat path, with tropical plants on either side, occasionally a lizard or two, birds. Of course, the buzzards don't sound too picturesque - we have those around here! And I am sorry about the fish smell. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

You forgot to envision the gators!South florida has gaters living in the canals-usually they just jump back in the canals but a mother gater will hiss at you if she is on a nest.I do not care for gaters and am afraid of freshwater lakes in florida for that reason.I live in palm beach gardens
which is considered south florida.Most of the rides we attend are north of orlando in ocala .The forests are truly beautiful with large canopy oaks that give good shade.It is just too hot,humid and unshady to do much here after april.If you look at the website distanceriding.com(Sedra)You can see our ride schedule and see some examples of the forests.The bummer is I usually have a four-hour one way commute to most rides..also i have to pick and choose rides due to expense gas/petsitting/ride fees which usually runs me $300 per ride.So I try to pick the rides that are the prettiest!I also consider what fun my son(12) and husband can have at a ride.
Bye!Alicia and Synsation

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nicole the website is www.distanceriding .org