Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday's Photos

This is what Arabee looked like after yesterday's ride:
Do you see a sweaty, dirty, hot mess?? She seemed to very much appreciate the sponging I did after!
Then I went to work on her knotted up was basically one big tangle. She went to work on the hay I had in the tub for her. It took her a while, she REALLY wanted to go back to the paddock w/ Jack, so kept turning her head in that direction and really wasn't eating until I turned her around to face him.

I know it's hard to see with the wind blowing her mane around....but that curly mess is tangle free now!
On the agenda for today is to refit those hoof boots. I have one pair of renegades, and one pair of easyboot epics. They've not been on her since this time last year. I'm hoping that helps with her mystery trotting diagonal "weirdness". I think I may need to trim her frogs too, she's got a couple of weird overgrown "chunks" that may be putting extra pressure on her foot on the road, but not too badly in the dirt.
What I need to figure out is which diagonal pair of legs hurts: If she doesn't like me rising with the left front and right hind......would that mean that her right front and left hind are the ones causing her discomfort? Or vice verse??


Anonymous said...

She doesn't look dirty to me?! I'd say start using the boots. She's probably starting to get ouchy.


Endurance Granny said...

Michelle may be onto something. If you have been trotting on the roads the lead she uses most might be getting too much concussion. (Another reason I detest riding on the road). Try your front boots see if it clears things up?