Wednesday, March 3, 2010

nice not-a-ride yesterday

Headed outside to ride, and instantly became aware of the howling March winds! I thought...this could be interesting!

Jogged up and greeted Arabee who was standing alert in the corner of the paddock, and at the sight of me, leapt and bucked and twisted 5 or 6 strides, then trotted around the corner and stood under the shed. I thought....this could be interesting!

Saddled up, and did the usual "longing" at the end of the rein, where I have her walk in a circle while I flap the rump rug and wiggle the crupper as a reminder 'hey, this stuff is here, don't freak out!' then have her jog both directions. Nice little tool I use to gauge what her mind is like. Well, the gauge told me that it was not a good idea to ride the horse I had that afternoon!

So instead we set out in-hand down the road, and it was a good thing too - all the equine acrobatics she tried would not have been pretty undersaddle...well, maybe pretty, but it sure wouldn't have felt good to try to scrape myself up off the pavement when I hit the ground!

I was soooooooo glad I didn't try to ride yesterday, but also really grateful for the 45 minute power walk I got, and the confidence building/bonding experience we had instead. I'm going to say it was a Good Call!

I'll try to ride again tonight...hope the wind and her attitude is calmed down several notches!


Anonymous said...

You are a smart girl. Never force yourself to ride if you don't feel it's safe. Glad you posted about it.


Endurance Granny said...

At least "you" had the good sense to stay home... ~E.G.

Anonymous said...

My Arab always acts more "up" when it is windy.I remember my trainer
commenting that they can't hear as well when it is windy-so they are more hyper-alert. It's been windy and cold here in florida,so I feel your pain.
Maybe you can find a training partner in your area. A "wingman" always helps!Synsation is such a showoff with a buddy-"Let me go thru the river first!" Yeah,sure-if he were by himself he definately not be such a
braveheart. Alicia

Merri said...

that's a sign of a good horseman, alert to what the horse needs and willing to change the plans for the day, if the horse has something else in mind. Also a good sign of a good preservation instinct. : )
- The Equestrian Vagabond