Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girth Photos

This is the new girth. Didn't actually ride due to time constraints being closer than I thought they'd be - will try it tomorrow, rain or shine. I tried something a little different with the billets, and now it is placed well back of even the farthest back rub spot, so I am hopeful!

Any comments on the breastcollar adjustment? I am unsure of the proper adjustment of that piece of tack. The girth doesn't have any D-rings, but the breastcollar I am using was designed w/ enough length to use the breastcollar itself to go around the girth instead of a girth loop. The strap that goes between her legs to the girth is at is longest setting, it can go shorter, and it probably needs to - it seems long to me, but I am not sure?


Anonymous said...

Yes, that strap needs to be shorter. You want it somewhat snug, but not tight. That loose it's not really doing anything for you. I'd adjust it so it really holds your saddle in place on hills. Then don't use it when your just riding on the flat.

Looks like a nice girth!

Michelle Detmer

Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

I no expert, but if it was my breast collar I would probably adjust it up a little higher, so that the breast collar "V" was higher on the chest. This would also take care of the strap between her legs. Then, if needed, I would lenghthen the strap on top so that the breast collar is at the same angle on the shoulder that it is now.

Al Hawa said...

I think you should make thees two pieces that go around the neck, lillte shorter. And you may want to use some sheepskin sleeves on that. :)

ridendurance said...

I agree with Boots & Saddles, in that the V of the breast collar should be sitting higher on her chest, and that would likely cause the strap that leads to the girth to shorten.

What kind of girth did you get? And where did you get it? I'm looking for a new dressage girth for my saddle, and I like the contours and the waffle weave on this one. I've been looking at so many lately trying to decide what features I want. Is that a Thorowgood you're using? I really like my husband's Thorowgood dressage saddle.

Danielle said...

Oh, I just read your previous post and answered all my questions. I've been looking at the Ovation dressage girths, so I want to know how it works out for you and Arabee!

Nicole said...

Thanks to all on the breastcollar fit tips. I adjusted it a bit, and will post a new picture soon. It's closer to what was suggested, but may not be right yet. I appreciate your input!

rideendurance - I do have a Thorowgood broadback dressage, I bought mine used, and very much like it. The girth I bought was made by the same company, and I really appreciate the contoured shape. I just wish it had a D-ring! Maybe a saddle shop could add one?