Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you see that huge divot that goes almost 6 inches on the other side of the fence? Also, do you see that little tiny edge of rod that sticks out below the rest of the fence panel?

The divot was made by my dear Arabee's right front hoof. The tiny rod that pokes out below the rest of the fence left a nasty divot in Arabee. Left a 1/4" deep x 1/4" wide drag mark that starts 2-3 inches above her hoof, through the coronet band, then even cut into her hoof about an inch.

I hosed it clean, and called the vet's office after hours and left a message. While waiting for them to call back, I hobbled Arabee to graze, while we ate dinner and watched her out the window. The Dr. called back and suggested I just wrap the leg with a cotton pillow wrap and we plan to bring her in for an appointment at 8am. He won't stitch it, but I wanted tips on how best to care for it since I've neve dealt with a hoof injury, and she'll get some shots (penicillin and tetanus). Both horses are due for their annual booster in April sometime anyway, so I'll take both Jack and Arabee for that too and save a trip.

She doesn't favor that leg, but I don't want to take any chances for proud flesh or some other complication, so we're taking her in.

Here she is waiting while we cleaned out all of the sawdust from her stall. I wanted straw in there instead so she would less chance of getting her wound dirty. I'd already wrapped her leg, and Jack is standing by.

Since I didn't even get to ride tonight, and definitely won't get to tomorrow, it is strongly looking as though our first 25 mile ride will be postponed. I'd hoped to ride in the Chicken Chase at Clark State Forest in Indiana on April 18th, but thats really not an option anymore - it'll be quite a while before this wound heals well enough for me to be comfortable with allowing mud anywhere near it, which means she'll be off the training trail for who knows how long.

Disappointing, but there's always next year. (more on that to come next week!)


Anonymous said...

This must surely be the season for horse leg cuts!! Jacke, me, my friend Sharie, and now you. Sharie ended up putting her horse down. (she probably could have saved her, it wasn't as a bad a cut as my filly's - I don't think - but she was older and already had some other injuries so they decided to let her go peacefully.)

I am usuing Stormy as Sasha's companion. I don't have room to bring Jazz back too to my house. So it has really put a damper in my conditioning for St ormy. I've rode her once out in my pasture since she's been here but that doesn't really count for anything. I may take Stormy over to my friend's place, who lives close by, to ride alittle on Easter Sunday. But otherwise, no riding. So I sure hope Michelle Mattingley has a horse for me to ride at Chicken Chase. Because I won't be taking Stormy. Top of the Rock is still not out of question though, for me anyway.

My filly is on an oral antibiotic, had her tetnus shot and booster a week ago when it happened, and a spray that was called Granulex but now they've changed the name to something that starts with a T. I will use that until it's almost healed up. Then I will use Wonder Dust on it till it's skinned over good.

Endurance Granny said...


What did the vet say about Arabee's injury? Hoping it will all turn out okay for you guys.