Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday's Ride

Rode yesterday.

Not much to say about it, trotted alot. I had Arabee's attention better, even when out of sight of the barn, which is a definite improvement. Before when we'd get on the other side of the hill she'd get all worked up and forget I was up. This time she only flicked her ears to the barn area occasionally!

We worked on crossing the ditch in some steeper places, a foot or two step down into a 3-4 foot wide ditch, w/ a 1-2 ft. step back up out of it. She didn't just leap across, either! We quit on a good note after that, and to make the point I just hopped off right there at the bottom of the hill by the creek, which I won't do anymore - I had to walk up the stinking hill on foot! Next time she gets to carry me :-)

We really hadn't worked for very long, so I took her in hand down the road a bit and up one of the farm lanes that runs next to the neighbor's house who has close to 5 small yappy dogs. Practiced that until she'd stay at my shoulder (no more spinning in circles!) and then quit for the night.

If the weather is fit (it's raining sideways now against the house, I can hear it slap the window) we'll do more tonight, hopefully expanding the under-saddle territory further. I need to get out on those lanes and trot out. They're flat as a pancake, but at least I'll be able to maintain speed better than I can where I've been riding.

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