Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello again!

Well - for me things took a bit of an unexpected turn last week! I started with getting sick on Thursday, and it just kept getting worse until Monday morning! I actually went to the doctor twice. Turned out to be nothing serious, and I started feeling better by Tuesday, and in fact today if I had the time to do it, I'd ride tonight. It was probably the flu or something, had coughing, body aches, headache, coughing, sore throat, extreme tiredness, even some trouble breathing, and did I say coughing?? So, I am very thankful to be past that now!

Needless to say, I have not ridden in over a week! I had been hoping to ride with Jacke and others at Clark State Forest last weekend, to do 15 miles of that trail. That didn't happen, and I didn't even SEE Arabee until Tuesday night. My husband is wonderful, he did all the chores, he did most of the baby care, he took such good care of me, as I was basically asleep or miserable the whole time.

So, I'm hoping to get on Friday afternoon for a quick ride before I hope to re-try the ride at Clark. I haven't yet decided whether to join up for the 15 mile loop, or the 10 mile loop. Arabee's had a lot of time off, but I think she could probably handle either one. She'd be tired after the 15 mile loop, but I doubt the 10 mile loop would trouble her hardly at all. I just have to decide which loop I'm up for, since it'll probably take a bit to get back in perfect shape after the last week. The 15 mile loop would be better for her conditioning. The 10 mile loop would be better for mine!

***** Below is a photo of my family and Arabee taken on Tuesday. It was such perfect weather that we had to take a walk. Cora's just 15 months old now, and is walking along side of us. She's not fast, not balanced, but she loves having the independance! We always go visit the horses first when she takes me on walks. :-)


OurCrazyFarm said...

So glad you are feeling better. I was worried about you not posting for a while. Happy riding, hope you can get out this weekend. Terri

Endurance Granny said...


Stay in touch because the dynamic of this training ride may change. David isn't feeling very well, so we may only do 10-15 miles total which Arabee is quite capable of (though she is going to feel the work, sweating blowing horses are the norm at some points of the ride). You ride well enough I have faith you will be fine. I'll keep you posted. Glad you are feeling better.

Nicole said...

OCF and EG, Thank you! I'm glad too!

EG - I'm leaning towards getting there the start and just going on whatever loop you choose to do first, since I'd hate to haul all the way down and not get a parking spot. That said, I'd probably prefer not to tackle those freaky hills you were describing - Goat Hill, was it? But, whatever the group ends up deciding, I'll be glad to have the chance to ride along.

Endurance Granny said...


I'll email, post up here, or something soon as I have the final details. So glad you are all mended. I don't know if we will do goat hill or not, but if so....just part of the learning curve. It is "do-able."