Thursday, December 17, 2009

15 Minutes Today

Today my husband got home early, so I got to get outside while it was still light, and it wasn't just to do chores! I think he'll get to take a half day tomorrow, which will be even nicer!

So, I headed out and called in the horses from the pasture. I haltered Arabee and brought her out and picked her feet. They look really nice after the trim. It's clear that there's some loose frog that needs trimmed away (which can be an indicator of thrush) so it's a good thing I plan to do some hoof soaking.

After the hoof picking, we took a quick walk. It was clear that she's been used to being "wild and free" by how high-headed and snorty she was - glad we're taking the time to do some ground work before getting in the saddle! I made sure she stayed with her head at my shoulder and had good manners - she needed many reminders in the short walk we took.

I picked her feet again after walking on the gravel, took her halter off, gave her a good rub on the spots where the halter was, and that was it! Altogether it was about 15 minutes. We are starting slow, and not solely because of the horse - it's mostly due to my reconditioning after the pregnancy and birth. It feels so good to be active and outdoors again!


~OurCrazyFarm said...

Good for you! I'm sure it feels wonderful to be spending some time training Arabee again! I have started training a weanling this fall, and absolutely love it! You are so right, the ground work is so very important. Enjoy your 4 footed friend!

Endurance Granny said...


When you are ready to hit the trail again let me know...I'm dying for a riding partner down here. I'm thinking of starting in earnest about the end of January. Hoping my girl will tone up quickly after her layoff. Will work on schooling between now and then and hope to get some road riding in somewhere. Michelle has offered to ride some roads with me if I can get my butt into gear to make the drive to her. Just let me know when you are ready.