Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st Saturday in May

Well, my two horses apparantly know what day it is today.

Usually when I open the gate to the pasture, they gallop out to the middle then give me a few strides of that big floating, tail over the back Arab trot, then stop to quite calmly eat grass after the initial burst of speed.

Not this morning!

They made not one, not two, but Three big, all-out galloping laps around the pasture, plus some of that pretty trotting, and plenty of snorting. Jack somehow managed to get out of the gate before Arabee, and I have never seen her run so fast, but she caught up with him, then lapped him.

I love getting to watch them move at liberty so freely like that! Such natural-born athletes, so talented and graceful!


Christine said...

No pictures?! Dern!! :)

Endurance Granny said...


I'm a huge fan of the "first run" at the pasture. The horses display their true selves, their beauty, and that inherit stunning wildness. If I could wrap one moment of my time with the horses, it would be that one, to reopen time and time again. ~E.G.

Anonymous said...

I never really experience that since my horses are at pasture 24/7. When we first put them in their BIG pasture. They ran around a lot, I think they thought they were turned loose, with no boundaries!

Michelle Detmer